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Online GDPR training for marketing

GDPR and Privacy Training for Marketing Teams

Ensuring that your sales and marketing teams understand the role that they play in complying with the GDPR is critical to the planning and implementation of growth strategy.

£125.00 (plus VAT) per person.

Course detail at a glance


  • Duration 2 hours
  • LIVE online every 6 weeks or eLearning online
  • Also available as a private session for your team. Ask for details.
  • Certificated training
  • Copy of the course materials to take away
  • Intended for all sectors

Course description

Since the updated data protection law was introduced back in 2018 a common expression has been "GDPR says no", followed by "GDPR doesn't apply to me" yet this is far from accurate. Indeed, a sound, working knowledge of the GDPR in the context of sales and marketing activity will actually support strategic planning and business growth.

The course is aimed at anyone who is working in sales or marketing roles at any level, including people in-house and in external agencies.

Throughout the (LIVE) 2 hours training course, delegates are asked a few questions to ensure that the course material is understood. Delegates utilising the eLearning course are welcome to contact the team after the session.

Upon completion of the course delegates receive a PDF certificate, along with the course materials.

Course syllabus

  • Fairness, Lawfulness and Transparency with a particular focus on Consent vs. Legitimate Interest
  • How sales prospecting has changed under GDPR
  • What to consider when purchasing prospect data from data brokers
  • What to consider when adopting new approaches for identifying prospects, including lead generation tools
  • The importance of individual rights, in particular the Right to be Informed and the Right to Object
  • Approaches to legitimately processing personal data for social media and marketing campaigns, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads and profiling
  • Identify different communication approaches with new, current and previous clients
  • Cookie consent (essential and non-essential) and other technologies (Facebook Pixels)
  • Risks to avoid when investing in new online sales and marketing systems, including international data transfers
  • How long customer data, prospective client data and previous client data can be retained for

Who is this course intended for?

For any person in a sales or marketing role, including:

  • Private, Public, Charity and Voluntary sectors
  • Directors and managers
  • Direct and telesales staff
  • Marketing planners
  • Social media planners and content managers
  • Website and app developers
  • In-house marketing and sales teams
  • Marketing agencies
  • Sales, business development and client relationship staff

Why Choose Databasix’s Courses?


What supporting materials will I receive?

Our training doesn’t just happen on the day that you participate in the training course. Delegates receive reference materials during and after the course, and we also provide free snapshot infographics on the content of the training topics; you can see those here.

Are Your Courses Easy To Understand?

We designed our courses in response to what organisations told us they needed. Our expert sessions clearly and straightforwardly deconstruct the jargon and tailor the delivery depending on the level of the subject matter. Our trainers are attentive, engaged and available for any questions from the delegates, plus the delegates will be asked a few questions themselves to make sure that the course material is understood. We strive to ensure our clients come away confident in what they’ve learned.

We Want A Consistent GDPR Approach Across Our Organisation. Will Your Courses Support This?

Yes, Databasix are more than happy to work with organisations multiple times, and we even offer bespoke sessions. Some organisations use Databasix and our sessions as part of their induction programme.

What Success Have You Had In The Past?

We think our client feedback speaks for itself! Many tell us that our sessions are the most helpful data protection courses they’ve experienced. They also frequently say that our sessions are easy to follow, have high engagement levels from the trainer and that we make the subject relevant in a real-world context. Read our testimonials to find out what else they love.

Why Are Your Courses A Little Longer Than Some Of The Others That Are Out There?

Through years of conducting training, we know that it isn’t possible to cover the subject matter in shorter sessions, especially if the delegates want to be able to understand the details and take key points away with them. The duration of our courses are designed to match the parameters for the average person’s optimum concentration time.

Are Live Training Courses Better Than Pre-Recorded Courses?

In most cases, yes. For most people, there’s simply no better way to learn than with a real life trainer delivering the course in real time. This is because our trainers are always on hand for any questions our delegates may have, and can be attentive to the needs of the room. That said, we understand that people sometimes need flexibility in their timing, so we also provide some eLearning versions of our courses.

So, Are eLearning Training Courses To Be Avoided?

No; each has their benefits. For example, eLearning training courses are great for if you have limited time available, and need training before the next live session is available. They provide the facility for learning at any time, and, with a Databasix eLearning course, you can also follow up with our expert team to ask us questions after the session, which provides you the best of both worlds.

How Relevant Is The Training Course For My Needs?

The beauty of our live sessions is that you can interact with the trainer in real time, so you can ask questions relevant to your own area of work, organisation and sector, if you wish. And, in any case, whether you took the live course or an eLearning course, you are very welcome to get in touch with the trainer after the session to ask questions that are uniquely relevant to your work.

Will This Course Be Suitable For My Sector?

Yes. The requirements of the GDPR apply to all sectors and our sessions (both the live and eLearning versions) use real life examples of situations that all will be able to relate to. We train all sectors and industry types, including lawyers, HR professionals, charities, manufacturers, marketers, building specialists and more.

One of the biggest challenges when choosing a training course is knowing whether it will be worthwhile. Will it teach you what you need to know and will it be worth the time and money?

Our clients certainly think so! Take a look at a selection of recent independent customer testimonials.

Course delivery options


Our GDPR for Privacy Training for Marketing Teams course is available via the following delivery methods, allowing you to choose a course to suit your style of learning, availability or team:

  • Public sessions - Online: Live, online training sessions with delegates from more than one organisation.
  • Private session - On-site and in-person*: We come to your office or other location to deliver the training session exclusively to your team.
  • Private session - Online*: A live, online training session provided only to your team.
  • eLearning: A pre-recorded online training session that you can watch whenever and whenever you choose.

*Subject to minimum delegate numbers and applicable Terms. Please get in touch for details.

Launch Date 2024 dates coming soon
Start Time 9.30am
Course Duration 2 hours
Course Cost (excl. VAT) £125.00

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Course Duration: 120 mins
Course Cost (excl. VAT):  £105.00

Our online training course for marketers is available on eLearning.

Whilst completing the course, you can stop and rewind at any time, but please note that once the course is finished you will not be able to watch it again.

There is an end-of-course assessment to test your understanding of the information provided.

Before you reach the end of the session, you should take a moment to check that you are satisfied that you have understood the information provided during the course.

At the end of the session, the delegate will be emailed with a copy of the course material and a certificate of attendance.

We welcome questions from delegates. Just send us an email with your query and we’ll respond within the next working day.

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