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Onsite Training

We will work with you to develop and deliver an appropriate training programme to ensure data protection is taken seriously by all staff within the organisation and no longer viewed as a ‘tick-box’ exercise. 

We make our sessions practical, engaging and dare we say it…’fun’. Well, we’ve had feedback that they’re ‘not as boring as I thought it would be!’ We will use sector-relevant examples to bring points to life and can focus on areas of particular concern for your business. We pride ourselves on making a complex subject easy to understand, making it easier for your people to apply their learning in their daily business activities. We also provide a safe environment for people to raise issues or ask questions without judgement.

We can offer you adaptable sessions covering:

Basic Data Protection Training

These sessions set out the principles of the GDPR and give staff context as to why data protection is important for your business. We will link the principles to the policies and processes you have in place, including your expectations about how they handle personal data, implications of remote working, and what they should do in case of a data breach or subject access request.

Focus On: Handling Personal Data Breaches

Our focused sessions give clients the chance to explore particular aspects of data protection in more detail. The Handling Personal Data Breaches training sessions work through a variety of scenarios involving a personal data breach, which can be determined in discussion with you. We work through a minor breach and move onto to a more complex, reportable breach, starting with the question we are frequently asked by clients who need help at this point: is this a data breach?

Focus On: Handling Data Subject Access Requests

Our focused sessions give clients the chance to explore particular aspects of data protection in more detail. The Handling Data Subject Access Requests training sessions apply your process and guide you through various scenarios, which can be determined in discussion with you. We talk about how to identify subject access requests, work through the steps you need to take to fulfil the request and considerations around redaction and exemptions. We link it to other individual rights that are relevant and may follow a subject access request.

Specialist Role Training

We can provide more in-depth training focused on particular areas of your business for those in specialist roles, particularly if they deal with special categories of personal data. We’ve provided specialist training for our clients’ HR teams, Marketing departments and Sales teams. If you don’t see your role here, please call us to discuss your training needs.

Data Protection Officer / Lead Training

We know that it can be overwhelming for individuals who’ve been given the role of Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Lead for their organisation if they haven’t had a lot of previous experience with data protection. We have a range of practical training options to give you confidence to implement and monitor an effective data protection programme across your business.
  • “We found Kellie really great to work with. She provided the community groups, voluntary organisations and small businesses with a good, approachable understanding of GDPR and what they need to do without being too scary.”
    - Gemma Pearce, Office & Communications Manager, Community Council for Berkshire
  • “Thank you very much indeed for delivering such a professional and comprehensive talk on GDPR to our trustees... Your evident expertise and knowledge of the subject ensured that those attending received a superb resume of the challenges and actions necessary to manage GDPR….You condensed a complex topic into the limited time available whilst still managing to cover each aspect in a clear and concise way.”
    - Nick Phillips, CEO, The Almshouse Association

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