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DPO Training Programme

Training Programme for Data Protection Officer / Lead

Target Audience:

  • Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection Leads
  • Individuals with responsibility for GDPR (Operations Directors)
  • Partners / COLP

About the Training Programme

Keeping data protection on the organisational agenda is often a challenge for Data Protection Officers or Data Protection Leads, particularly if this is an additional responsibility to their main role.

Databasix offer a complete programme of training sessions to support individuals with overall responsibility for data protection in their organisation. The programme provides training on key operational aspects and responsibilities for the role, and a healthy understanding of the practical implementation of those responsibilities.

The programme combines our key training sessions into a comprehensive package that supports data protection officers / leads in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Sessions are delivered in manageable blocks of time, to allow individuals time to reflect on what they’ve learnt and to fit in with other demands on their diary.

The training course includes the following modules

Programme cost: £760.00 (+VAT)

(Buying each session separately would usually cost £844.00 +VAT)

GDPR for Marketing Teams

Marketing Bolt-on!

Enhance your package by adding one place on our popular ‘GDPR for Marketing Teams’ for just £42.50 (50% of the usual delegate rate).

Call us to book your place

Please call us to book your place onto the programme. We’ll invoice you for the total amount and arrange which sessions you’d like to book onto.

Our Courses

If you’d prefer to focus on just one aspect of the programme or the role of the DPO itself, each individual session is available to book directly via the website.

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