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Databasix is a young, exciting organisation with the vision of bringing people and data together, in order to change the way that data is collected, understood and used. Working with us, individuals within organisations will be able to revolutionise their attitude to data and unlock its true potential and value, ensuring that every item is beneficial at every level.

Our approach to working with you is based on three elements: people, data and process.

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When you think about data, do you focus on the system or technology involved in data gathering? Or are the analytics and graphics the first thing that springs to mind? We take a different approach: in our experience, the people who collect and use the data are the most important factor in ensuring data is relevant and robust. People also play a crucial part in securing and protecting an organisation’s data.

For that reason, when we work with you, we first understand the needs of the different people within your organisation and how they currently interact (or don’t!) with its data. By placing people at the centre of what we do, they will be fully engaged and feel confident in using data on a routine basis to make better business decisions.

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The idea of ‘Big Data’ and ‘The Internet of Things’ can be overwhelming for organisations drowning in paper or multiple Excel spreadsheets.

We challenge the notion that collecting increasing amounts of data automatically yields improved knowledge for your organisation. It is only by understanding what is collected and why it is collected, that you can begin to unlock the potential of your data.

We bring you back to basics, to ensure the internal data you are collecting is what you need, at the quality you need to trust it, and at the point when you need it to answer key business questions and make informed business decisions.

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Without a process underpinning how data is collected and a feedback loop worked into the process, the quality of the data is likely to diminish over time. Data protection compliance is also likely to suffer as there is little clarity about what is collected, where it is stored and how long it is kept for.

The processes we develop with you will give ownership to data providers and data users. This strengthens the engagement of your people in the purpose and value of the data, which ensures long-term understanding, high data quality, improved data protection processes and wider organisational benefits, such as improved and informed business decision-making.

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