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We have a range of services that can support your business no matter where you on with your programme of GDPR compliance. Our focus will always be your people and your business, ensuring a practical approach to data protection for the business and people who understand their responsibilities when handling personal and sensitive data.


For businesses who haven’t addressed GDPR formally yet or haven’t reviewed policies and processes for a number of years.

Don’t panic, you’re not alone. Many businesses haven’t found the time to introduce anything more than a privacy policy to cover GDPR, but are concerned that they may be unexpectedly caught out. Whilst panic isn’t helpful, urgency is important and we can help you with:

GDPR Audit and Implementation Plan

We help you understand your current compliance position, identify the key gaps and risks for your business and prioritise a plan to address them with you. The implementation plan gives you the flexibility to take it forward internally or with external support from us, if you need it.

Data Mapping

For those businesses who aren’t quite sure what data they’ve got or where in the world it is, we work onsite with key members of staff to identify and map the personal data across your business. We use this information to create an information asset register that underpins all your data protection policies, informs your privacy policy, and strengthens your ability to respond to data subject access requests and uphold other individual rights.

Data Protection Policy Suite

We work with you to write tailored policies that ensure you are clear with your staff about expectations for handling personal data, covering key issues such as retention, disposal, and use of data. We consider key risk areas for the business (e.g. remote working) so that the policies reflect the reality of your business, rather than a templated approach which may not be relevant.


People are your biggest asset and your biggest risk when it comes to data protection. We provide an overview of data protection principles, linked to the practicalities for your business. As with everything we do, practicality is the key and we draw on examples that help your staff understand the real risks presented by what often seem like simple mistakes.


For those businesses who have done something about GDPR, and either know there are still gaps that need to be addressed or want the reassurance that they haven’t missed anything.

GDPR Audit and Implementation Plan

We review your current processes and policies, and discuss how they are practically applied within your business. Any compliance gaps or risks will be identified and a recommended course of action provided. The implementation plan gives you the flexibility to take it forward internally or with external support from us, if you need it. A regular review of your current compliance position helps reduce unnoticed risk building up over time, and ensures you comply with the Accountability principle of the GDPR.

Support for Data Protection Leads / Data Protection Officers

We work directly with Data Protection Leads / Data Protection Officers to provide wrap around support and guidance as you undertake the role. We can be on hand to give advice in situations you haven’t addressed before or help you set up a data protection programme within your organisation.

Data Protection Policy Suite

If the policies you have are outdated, based on templates or are not relevant for the type of data you process, we can work with you to write tailored policies for your business. In addition, we build on a good foundation of appropriate policies to support you with Legitimate Interests Assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments for your business.


People are your biggest asset and your biggest risk when it comes to data protection. We can put together a training programme focused on the areas you’re most concerned about for your compliance. We can help staff understand your processes for dealing with Data Subject Access Requests, what to do in case of a personal data breaches or set the training with a specific focus for specialist roles (e.g. HR, Marketing)

Read more on Training


For those businesses who are in a good position with their overall compliance and want the reassurance of expert knowledge whenever they need it. These will often be clients who’ve gone through the process of implementation with us, but can also be first-time clients who want our pragmatic, practical insight available to them.

Expert Hours

Got a question about a new data processing activity? Need a review of the documentation you’ve put together? Want to know that you can pick up the phone to ask a question whenever you need to? We offer Expert Hours, tracked against an upfront payment, giving you flexibility based around your need and reassurance that we’ll always be there for you.

Retained Support

If your business is likely to need more regular ongoing contact, we offer the option of retained support, meaning we’ll be on hand for general questions, reviews of documentation, providing advice on specific personal data projects or issues, and immediate guidance on handling data subject access requests or data breaches.

Rapid Response / Emergency Support

For businesses who are in the throes of a data subject access request, other individual rights responses or a data breach, we can provide advice and guidance, checklists for dealing with the situation and support in creating the appropriate response. This support is included for clients on our retained support or expert hours packages, but open to any business who needs it right away.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

If you’re considering implementing new software involving high risk personal data then you’ll be required to undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment. For most organisations, this is likely to revolve around finance and HR systems, collecting special categories of data. We can provide support to your Data Protection Lead / Data Protection Officer in going through this process, documenting it and working with suppliers to resolve any risks or issues identified.

DPO Training

Interested in a training programme for Data Protection Officers?

Find out more by clicking below...

What Our Clients Say...

  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Databasix. We were delighted with the support we received at CRM, which was practical at all times and tailored to our requirements. The ongoing consultancy support was invaluable to guide our GDPR considerations and when a document was needed, we never received a template but always a personalised document fit for purpose.”
    - Mike Foster, Commercial Director, Chapman Robinson & Moore
  • “Kellie and the team offered exceptional support to our business, providing clarity and clear direction on a subject that can be somewhat confusing on face value.”
    - Martin Stone, Associate Director, Tank PR
  • “Having not much knowledge of GDPR, Databasix has really helped and got us fully ready for the new legislation. It was all very easy and made what I was dreading to be an easy task. I would recommend to anyone who needs help in this area.”
    - Andrea Berridge, Director, PB Conversions
  • “We found Kellie really great to work with. She provided the community groups, voluntary organisations and small businesses with a good, approachable understanding of GDPR and what they need to do without being too scary.”
    - Gemma Pearce, Office & Communications Manager, Community Council for Berkshire
  • “Databasix have been very helpful and hands on in helping us understand, implement and be up to date with the latest Data Protection Regulations. Their friendly and knowledgeable approach makes this topic a lot less scary! Thank You Data Ninjas!”
    - Andrei Viscu, Assistant Accountant, Plethora Solutions

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