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GDPR Toolbox

Our GDPR Toolbox provides Data Protection Officers, data protection leads and compliance officers with a set of practical tools to help you manage your data protection challenges. Our Data Rockstar has compiled the tools into three different ‘albums’ so that can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

  • The Data Rockstar’s Complete Collection (all 15 tools)
  • Data Ninja Classics (tools 1 to 9, inclusive)
  • Toolbox Essentials (tools 1 to 6, inclusive)
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  • Your Data Protection Team

    Your Data Protection Team

    The first step in managing personal data in your organisation is to appoint a Data Protection Lead. In some organisations, this might be a Data Protection Officer.

    Our Toolbox provides you with a register for the key details and action plans for your data protection leadership.

    Setting this out provides a record to demonstrate to regulators that you have carefully thought through your organisation’s data protection leadership.

    Watch the video about this tool.

  • Ways of Working

    Ways of Working

    Well-informed staff play a critical role in protecting your organisation by being aware of the risks and by knowing what to do if they spot something of potential concern.

    Inside the Toolbox, you’ll find a structured series of short videos and PDF ‘posts’ for you to share with your staff to familiarise them with the baseline ‘essentials’ that everyone must know.

    There is also a register so that you can record each member of staff has seen and understood each of the Ways of Working videos or posts.

    Watch the video about this tool.

  • Staff Exit Checklist and Log

    Staff Exit Checklist and Log

    It is essential that you effectively manage data protection controls in situations where staff leave your organisation.

    This applies to the personal data of the staff member themselves as well as any personal data that they may have access to in respect of your clients/customers/patients/associates and others.

    The Toolbox provides a checklist that walks you through essential checks and enables you to record that you have satisfied key controls.

    There is also a staff exit Log which is a ‘dashboard’ enabling you to monitor the management of the data protection aspects of staff exiting.

    Watch the video about this tool.

  • Data Breach Log & Data Breach Forms

    Data Breach Log & Data Breach Forms

    It is very important to identify breaches as quickly as possible and to be able to record your progress in managing the resolution of the breach.

    Our Toolbox provides you with Breach Reporting Forms, so that you can record the details of the breach and help you to plan the action that you’re going to take.

    There is also a Data Breach Log; a dashboard that gives you at-a-glance visibility of the management of the mitigation or resolution of the breaches.

    Watch the video about this tool.

  • Subject Access Request Log

    Subject Access Request Log

    Data Subjects have the fundamental right to require that you provide them with clear detail on personal data that is being processed about them. Keeping track of these requests can be complex and time-consuming.

    Failure to comply with a Subject Access Request can have serious consequences for an organisation.

    The Toolbox helps you to manage individual records for each Subject Access Request as well as providing you with a dashboard ‘log’ to give you at-a-glance visibility of their status and management.

    Watch the video about this tool.

  • Software Register

    Software Register

    Maintaining up-to-date software and ensuring that your staff are using it correctly is essential for effective data protection.

    The Toolbox contains registers to enable you to document software used throughout your organisation, including desktop and mobile devices, as well as your servers and plant machinery software.

    Our register also records the controls behind software usage, including; the details of the persons who use software, the detail of the devices and that staff have received appropriate instruction or training as to how to use the software correctly.

    Watch the video about this tool.

  • Information Asset Register

    Information Asset Register

    The go-to Tool to understand what data you hold, and why, where it is, who has access to it and how long you keep it for.

  • Data Processor Checklist

    Data Processor Checklist

    A checklist that walks you through the key considerations when selecting organisations to process personal data on your behalf.

  • Privacy Notices

    Privacy Notices

    An easy-to-follow guide to help you write your own privacy notice, explaining how you use personal data in your organisation.

  • Legitimate Interests Assessment

    Legitimate Interests Assessment

    An assessment form that helps you determine if Legitimate Interest is the appropriate legal basis for processing personal data and enables you to document your decision-making.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment

    Data Protection Impact Assessment

    Assessment forms that help you to decide if a DPIA is required, and if so, to identify, assess and document risks for your new data processing initiatives.

  • Data Retention Schedule

    Data Retention Schedule

    A schedule that enables you to document retention periods for the personal data you process and review compliance.

  • Cookies Policy

    Cookies Policy

    An easy-to-follow guide to assessing what cookies you use on your website, whether or not consent is required and writing your cookie policy.

  • Your Data Protection Training Programme

    Your Data Protection Training Programme

    Supports you in setting up an appropriate training programme for your staff and documenting delivery of the programme.

  • Your Data Protection Internal Audit

    Your Data Protection Internal Audit

    Supports the review of your compliance at regular intervals and to prompt that changes or new innovations which are affected by data protection have been properly considered and documented.

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Who’s the GDPR Toolbox for?

Our GDPR Toolbox gives Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and people in the Data Protection Lead role the tools that they need to manage and monitor GDPR on an on going basis. The Toolbox also supports other key roles who might be heavily involved in touch points with the GDPR, such as HR Managers and operational directors.

Maintaining accurate records

In the event of a data protection concern or breach, your organisation’s ability to be able to produce accurate records as to the controls that you have in place will be of great importance. The Databasix GDPR Toolbox provides essential registers and monitoring tools to support your data protection controls and record-keeping.

How-to videos

Every one of the key tools in the Toolbox comes with a short ‘how-to’ video that explains how to use the tool.

What our customer's say about Databasix

  • “We found Kellie really great to work with. She provided the community groups, voluntary organisations and small businesses with a good, approachable understanding of GDPR and what they need to do without being too scary.”
    - Gemma Pearce, Office & Communications Manager, Community Council for Berkshire
  • “Thank you very much indeed for delivering such a professional and comprehensive talk on GDPR to our trustees... Your evident expertise and knowledge of the subject ensured that those attending received a superb resume of the challenges and actions necessary to manage GDPR….You condensed a complex topic into the limited time available whilst still managing to cover each aspect in a clear and concise way.”
    - Nick Phillips, CEO, The Almshouse Association
  • “If you're responsible for data protection in your organisation, you won't want to miss out on this essential box of practical tools!”

Take a look inside

Take a quick look around the inside of the Databasix Essentials GDPR Toolbox.

You'll see how the Tools are smartly organised and you'll be pleased to recognise some familiar-looking controls. You'll also see some of the resources that are built into the Toolbox, including 'How-to' videos and downloadable PDFs to share with your team.

Get in touch with us to book a free, live demo, where you can explore the wealth of tools.

What does it cost?

Our GDPR Toolbox range starts from £300.00 plus VAT.

It’s also available by monthly subscription, just get in touch with us for details.

Choose your payment method, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, your payment will then be processed.

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