Privacy Notice for Young Adults

Privacy Notice for Young Adults

At Databasix, we collect information about you and we want to make sure you understand why we collect it and how we use it. We know it’s important to you that we keep this information safe. Have a read and ask us if you have any questions about it.

Who are we?

Databasix is the trading name of Get Data Protection Services. Get Data Protection Services is a business based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. We have told the Information Commissioner’s Office that we collect information about people, and we must show that we obey the law. We have registered our business with Companies House.

What information do we collect about you?

When you use the services we offer, work for our business or use our website, we collect information about you. It might be simple information like your name, address and email address, or it might be information from your computer which could tell us who you are (like your IP address for example). Information that can identify you as an individual is called ‘Personal Data’.

How do we collect information from you?

We collect information about you when you:

  • Ask for more information about our products and services
  • Buy our products or services
  • Meet one of the team at networking events
  • Attend our webinars or training courses
  • Work for our business
  • Use our website

How do we use your information?

We need to collect information about you to help us run the business and provide great services. The list below includes the main reasons that we collect information about you:

  • So we can provide you with good services, if you need them
  • So we can answer your questions, if you have them.
  • So we follow the rules businesses in the UK have to follow
  • So we can organise the event(s) you are taking part in
  • So we can send you our newsletter, but only if you want to receive it and have told us that you want to
  • So we can make our website better, if we understand how everyone uses it

We have carefully checked that these reasons are okay under the law that tells companies how to keep you and your information safe when we use it.

Young Adults or Children who use our services

The majority of our customers are adults. However, we know that young adults studying in college may be interested in data protection. You could find our website helpful for more information. You may want to attend a webinar or one of our training courses. If you use our services, we will collect the information about you listed below:

  • Your name, email address and contact telephone number – probably through your parents or guardian
  • Payment details (for training courses only)
  • Any emails we get from you or send to you
  • Information from ‘cookies’ about how you use our website, if you have consented for us to use them when you visit our website.

We keep the information within our emails and on our computers, to help us organise our work and provide you with a good service. We also keep all your contact information on ‘ClickMeeting’, the software programme that we use to deliver our training. We collect this information to organise the event and let you attend. We keep it until the event is finished, and then for 12 months after you attended. Information about payment is kept for 7 years in case we need to check our accounts in that time.

Young Adults who join us for work experience or apprenticeship placements

When you join on a work experience or apprenticeship placement, we will collect the information about you listed below:

  • Your name, your date of birth, and how to contact you – probably through your parents or guardian, or your school or college.
  • Where you live and your postcode
  • Your education and qualifications
  • Any emails we get from you or send to you

We keep all this information safely on our computers and within our emails. We keep it for at least 7 years, in case we need to check information about your time working for us or provide you with a reference.

Who can see or use your information?

People who work for can see your information when they need it to do their jobs. We work with other businesses to help us with our website and accounts, but they can only see your information if it’s really necessary. They can never use it for their own purposes. We will never sell your data to other businesses to use for their own reasons.

Storing your information outside of the UK and Europe.

The law which tells businesses how to use information about people and how to keep it safe is the same in most European Countries, including the UK. A lot of companies round the world offer services to record and store information, and sometimes we might use them to store your information. We have to tell you when we send or store information in other countries in the world. We also have to make sure that it is always stored safely, no matter where it is in the world. Here are some of the companies we use:

  • We use Xero to track money paid to us. Xero is a company based in the United States (US) and they have big computers, known as servers, which store data for us. We have checked your information will still be safe and Xero also obey the same laws that we have to here in the UK.

  • We use Apptivo CRM to record contact details of our customers and people who might become customers. It also records information about our projects and our team members. Apptivo is a company based in the United States (US) and they have big computers, known as servers, which store data for us. We have checked your information will still be safe and Apptivo also obey the same laws that we have to here in the UK.

  • We use ClickMeeting to deliver training courses and free webinars to customers. Clickmeeting is a company based in the UK, so information stays in the UK.

  • We use LearnDash to store our e-learning content and they will receive information about you to give you access to the course. LearnDash is a company based in the USA, so information stays in the USA.

  • We use Stripe to take payment for our online training courses and our elearning course.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to

  • Be told how we use your information
  • Ask to see the information we hold
  • Ask us to change information you think is wrong
  • Ask us to remove information when it’s not needed any more
  • Ask us to only use your information in certain ways
  • Tell us you don’t want us to do anything with your information.
  • Be told if we make any decisions about you using computer algorithms

We will only send you our newsletter if you ask for it, and we always give you a way of telling us you don’t want to get it anymore.

If you’re worried about how we get and use your information, you can speak to Regina Johnys, our Data Protection Lead. She will be able to help you and answer any questions you have. You can also let her know if we need to update information that is wrong or has changed. You can contact Regina by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: 01865 346080.

If you then want to speak to someone outside our business, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on 0303 123 1113 or via their website.

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