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Webinar: 'The Data Protection Challenges of Hybrid Working'

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According to the Office for National Statistics, in April 2020, the number of remote workers increased to 46% of the population. Now with the easing of lockdown measures, many businesses are considering or are already implementing what the Financial Times calls a "split model' a.k.a "hybrid working" that divides the time between the home and the office. If home-office working is to become the norm, then organisations need to consider the data protection challenges they will be faced with.

During this webinar, our Data Rockstar, Kellie Peters will discuss:

  • The ongoing technical measures which need to be considered to support both the organisation and the employee with hybrid working.
  • The physical risks with transferring personal data (either electronically or in hardcopy) whilst on the move between home and the office.
  • The benefits of educating employees on risks such as phishing emails, data leakage, and the use of unsafe apps.
  • Why temporary workarounds, such as storing records/data on personal devices or using personal emails for business purposes pose a significant risk to data protection compliance.

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