Bite Size Cookies-What You Need To Know

Webinar: 'Bite Size Cookies-What You Need To Know'

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Cookies (not the sweet, delicious biscuit that you treat yourself to) are often seen as a privacy-intrusive spying tool, whereas to others they support the provision of insightful analytics on website/app usage.

In 2019, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) updated their guidance on Cookies and Other Technologies (e.g., Facebook Pixels) stating that cookies that were deemed to be non-essential would require consent from the user, prior to them being placed on the user's device.

Throughout 2020 a number of European Data Protection authorities issued financial penalties to organisations for failing to obtain the consent of the users before setting cookies, most notably CNIL fined Amazon €35 million and Google €100 million in December 2020.

We have also started to see an increase in individual complaints being received by organisation's, where an individual user is seeking compensation from the organisation for inappropriate use of Cookies.

Our Data Rockstar will discuss:
the recent cookie fines, highlighting the key areas the data protection authorities focused on, and
provide her top tips for cookie compliance.

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