Webinar: Real World Data Protection Challenges

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Following on from our very popular January webinar "Data Protection Challenges for 2020" we wanted to host a lunch and learn webinar, presenting you with real-world challenges that have been facing our clients, including:

  • Handling subject access request from a prospective business client;
  • Handling subject access request from an unhappy employee;
  • Reacting to a ransomware data breach notification from one of your data processors a month after the fact;
  • managing your team working remotely and securely, what are the bite size messages that work;
  • How to be transparent with individuals about how and where you found their information (e.g. using lead generation tools with undeclared data sources);
  • Understanding the risk of introducing new cloud-based software systems

Regina discussed these examples, presenting you with practical options that you can introduce immediately to help reduce you data protection risks.

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