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Webinar: Post Lockdown Data Protection Challenges Facing Law Firms

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The relaxation of lockdown has commenced, but the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on law firms is far from over and the turmoil is expected to continue for months and probably, years. Regulatory risk (SRA and the ICO) on one hand is juxtaposed with tangible business opportunity on the other.

Kellie Peters, co-founder of Databasix UK and her co-host Neil Partridge, Operations Director at PDA Legal discuss the risks, and the opportunities, presented to law firms through management of data protection, including:

  • It’s been 2 years since the GDPR/DPA2018, yet the majority of law firms have not adequately mapped the personal data that they process; the backbone of all data protection controls
  • mergers, acquisitions and liquidation; transfer of client files to new practitioners
  • increased subject access requests from employees concerned about redundancy
  • post-lockdown operations; the risks and controls for remote working staff
  • contacting old clients to drive up new business; no lawful basis to do so.

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