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The GDPR Toolbox: A Databasix Lockdown Project

Like most businesses at the moment, the team at Databasix went into 2020 with great plans for the year, and decade, ahead. All was on track as we welcomed our Marketing Assistant Giulia into the team and then bam, next day we were in lockdown and facing a future we hadn’t planned for.

We recognised pretty quickly that the speedy move to remote working presented risks to businesses of all sizes as they grappled with the new tools needed to enable their teams to stay in touch with each other and communicate with their customers. Data Protection Officers and GDPR Leads were anxious that the new, dispersed home-working environment would lead to more breaches, unnoticed breaches and use of unapproved, risky software.

We knew we could help bring reassurance, and began planning how we could translate our supportive consultancy services into an online offering that guided Data Protection Leads in their everyday role, focusing particularly on tools that would be helpful for their current pressures. We sketched out an idea, knuckled down and got to work.

And now, as lockdown is easing and people emerge from their homes, we are excited to launch the Databasix GDPR Toolbox. This first edition focuses on the ‘Essentials’ – the tools that we believe will be most helpful in the immediate weeks ahead for Data Protection Leads who will face a variety of challenges and need to be confident that the organisation is still compliant with GDPR.

The GDPR Toolbox: Essentials includes:

  • Your Data Protection Team
  • Ways of Working Materials
  • Subject Access Request Log
  • Data Breach Reporting and Log
  • Software Registers
  • Staff Exit Checklist

This practical data protection resource has been designed to support data protection officers and GDPR leads assess their current work programme, engage the right colleagues across their organisation and monitor key areas of data protection across the business. We’ve created short ‘How-to’ videos to accompany each tool. These videos guide you through the use of the tool and how to apply it within your business processes. Helpful reminders of timescales and what should be considered support you in dealing with complex situations.

In addition, we recognise that it’s more important than ever for you to be able to easily remind staff of their data protection responsibilities. The Ways of Working materials give you ready made reminders about best practice to reduce the risk of breaches. Short videos and short, visual information sheets can be easily shared across the business in response or preparation for key issues facing the business at this moment.

The GDPR Toolbox is a simple way to ensure that you are able to evidence the work that you’re doing to comply with the regulation and gives you a consistent, practical approach which moves beyond the one-off project or annual policy updates.

We wanted to be able to look back at our time in lockdown and know that we had spent our time wisely. Launching our GDPR Toolbox to bring our practical approach to you in a more flexible way, means we can be proud that we’ve done just that. And we’re not finished yet – stay tuned!

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