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My Data Protection Diary, 7th August 2020

Welcome back to my second blog, ‘My Data Protection Diary.’ Wow! I am glad to see you again!
Every day, I am excited to meet with Kellie, when I learn a lot of things about the data protection world. We talk about topics like Brexit, Black-List, Data Breaches, Subject Access Requests etc... But we can talk more about these subjects later.

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DPIAs: 9 Steps towards a Green Light for your Data Processing Projects

Last week, news outlets flagged to the world that the Government admitted it broke data protection law in failing to undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) prior to beginning development on the Contact Tracing App that it was developing for UK citizens. Despite repeated assurances along the way that privacy was on their agenda, they hadn’t completed this fundamental requirement of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

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My Data Protection Diary, 9th July 2020

Being passionate about the Marketing sectors, in particular that of the Social Media world, and intrigued by the world of Data, I am thrilled to have begun my experience at Databasix UK a few months ago… Nice to meet you, I am Giulia Placidi!

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12 GDPR Questions for Pubs and Restaurants

We're happy to see #pubs , #restaurants and #bars re-opening from 4th July! It's just 9 days away!

The Government are asking those venues to collect information for contact-tracing purposes. With the potential for GDPR pitfalls and little time to prepare, Databasix have pulled together this practical guide to help owners and managers get ready.

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The GDPR Toolbox: A Databasix Lockdown Project

Like most businesses at the moment, the team at Databasix went into 2020 with great plans for the year, and decade, ahead. All was on track as we welcomed our Marketing Assistant Giulia into the team and then bam, next day we were in lockdown and facing a future we hadn’t planned for.

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Webinar: Real World Data Protection Challenges

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Following on from our very popular January webinar "Data Protection Challenges for 2020" we wanted to host a lunch and learn webinar, presenting you with real-world challenges that have been facing our clients, including:

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