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Goodbye 2018

Cheerio 2018… Hello 2019!

It’s our annual review and what to look forward to next year…

Blimey, what a year!

Brexit, 1.5 Royal Weddings (we’re not fully counting the Eugenie one) and the small matter of the GDPR coming into full force in May.

We’re pretty sure yours has been a busy one too but, phew, are we glad it’s nearly time to turn off our laptops, put our aching feet up and our wonderfully-awful Christmas jumpers on.

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It's the Christmas quiz

It’s the DBX Big Christmas Quiz!

Take a break and test yourself on the stuff that counts…

If your office is anything like ours, you’re probably looking for every reason to start winding down. And why not?!

So, make yourself a cuppa, hunt down another mince pie and prepare to tackle the DBX Big Xmas Quiz.

And, seeing as some of the questions have been taken from this year’s blogs and some taken from, er, Christmas crackers, you may need to be more switched on than you think…

Good luck.

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It's Data Protection Family Fortunes

It’s Data Protection Family Fortunes, Part 2!

How your average person on the street approaches data protection…

Whoever would have thought that Family Fortunes would enjoy such a resurgence?!

After our previous blog on what the average person on the street thinks about data protection, this one follows up with some everyday advice and approaches to good practice – although, seeing as we asked the same respondents as last time, we’re not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing.

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What do you think about data protection?

Urban myths, fake news and bona fide facts…

What your average person on the street really thinks about data protection.

Hands up if you you’re an expert on the GDPR and data protection. Thank you.

Can we put ours down now? Because unless you do have the support of someone who really knows what they’re talking about, where does that leave you?

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Denial is not a river in Egypt

Denial is not a river in Egypt

And passing the buck has nothing to do with a deer changing hands

What’s the saying? A bad workman always blames his tools?

Or, to translate that into modern-day GDPR parlance: Hapless data controllers will always try and pin it on their suppliers…

That’s right. We’re talking about the recent debacle that hit the news involving the Tory Party Conference mobile app.

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