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14 Reasons To Fall In Love With Data

My Data Protection Diary: 14 Reasons To Fall In Love With Data.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second instalment of my Diary of 2021.

These days, the pages of social networks are coloured with red and hearts, to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Being a social media expert, I pause to look at what companies and individuals are sharing on their pages for this day (offers of products and services, love messages, flowers, typical sweets, bottles of wine, etc...). All these posts, to celebrate February 14th, gave me the right inspiration to write my new entry for this month.

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My Data Protection Diary: Welcome 2021!

Happy New Year everyone... and welcome back to my first instalment of 2021!
I’ve been looking forward to bringing you some news from the world of data protection!

I decided to dedicate the first page of my diary with some personal reflections on my experiences in the last two months.

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Free Webinar: 'Bite Size Cookies-What You Need To Know'

Date: 26th March 2021
Time: 12pm

Cookies (not the sweet, delicious biscuit that you treat yourself to) are often seen as a privacy-intrusive spying tool, whereas to others they support the provision of insightful analytics on website/app usage.

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