Hybrid Working

My Data Protection Diary: Hybrid Working

Welcome to the new page of my Data Protection Diary, it will be an interesting session enriched by my enthusiasm to be able to return to an almost normal life.

Hearing about the reopening of bars and restaurants, planning summer holidays and going back to work in the office... excites me! After more than a year, our life will almost return to the way it was before.

And this is precisely the subject of this entry to my diary.

How Covid-19 has changed our habits, what our approach to work will be like in the coming months and how this will affect organisations with regards to their data protection systems.

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How to Avoid Online Scams

My Data Protection Diary: “How to Avoid Online Scams”

Welcome back to the new instalment of My Data Protection Diary. I am excited to write this page enjoying the fabulous sunshine over UK at the moment. Soak up the sunshine and start to write new data protection nuggets, this is my mantra for this fascinating topic.

The Databasix team have just concluded an interesting networking session organised by Mike Foster and Ben Thompson, where Kellie Peters was a guest speaker. During this session, our Data Rockstar presented different tips to avoid online scams. Seeing the interest from a lot of the networking members, it took me a second to decide on my topic for my fourth data protection diary of 2021. Now I’m sharing more details about 'how to avoid online scams'.

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First Year with Databasix

My Data Protection Diary: First Year with Databasix

It is nice to be here writing this new page of 'My Data Protection Diary'. Today I'm really happy to share my session with you, reaching a new milestone for me and celebrating my first year in Databasix with you... wow wow it's already been one year!

The idea for the diary was born during a discussion in a weekly marketing meeting between me, Regina and Neil. My first reaction was: oh my God! Maybe it is too early for me to blog about data protection and instead ... my team's push led me to write several blog pages and have fascinating conversations with Kellie, which expanded my knowledge about the world of data.

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14 Reasons To Fall In Love With Data

My Data Protection Diary: 14 Reasons To Fall In Love With Data.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second instalment of my Diary of 2021.

These days, the pages of social networks are coloured with red and hearts, to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Being a social media expert, I pause to look at what companies and individuals are sharing on their pages for this day (offers of products and services, love messages, flowers, typical sweets, bottles of wine, etc...). All these posts, to celebrate February 14th, gave me the right inspiration to write my new entry for this month.

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My Data Protection Diary: Welcome 2021!

Happy New Year everyone... and welcome back to my first instalment of 2021!
I’ve been looking forward to bringing you some news from the world of data protection!

I decided to dedicate the first page of my diary with some personal reflections on my experiences in the last two months.

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Latest News & Events

Webinar: 'An Introduction to the Children's Code'

Date and Time: 25 June 2021 at 12:00pm

The Children's Code, formerly known as The Age Appropriate Design Code came into effect on 2nd September 2020, with a 12-month transition period. The Code of Practice translates the GDPR into design standards for apps, online games, and web and social media sites, likely to be accessed by children. With 4 months until the 2nd September 2021 do you know what steps you need to take to be compliant?

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