Santa GDPR Wish List

Dear Santa, strike that, Dear Data Software Supplier, please can I have…

What ought to be on your wish list for the big day

Okay, we’re going to admit it – when you love data collection and data protection as much as we do here at Databasix, every day feels like Christmas! There, we’ve said it (now please don’t unsubscribe).

So, in the same way that children everywhere have been busy writing their Christmas lists to Santa, we thought it’d be a good idea to help you write your adult wish list for the big day on the 25th.

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Data Breach

ALERT! DATA BREACH! How would you respond?

With calm preparation and assurance? Or a face-palming admission that you’ve dropped a huge ging-gang-goolie?

“Taxi for Uber! Taxi for Uber!”

We can’t be sure, but we have a feeling that Travis Kalanick wasn’t a Boy Scout. If he had been, then we’d like to think his organisation might have been better prepared at preventing 57 million of its users’ names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers from being hacked (including 2.7 million UK customers).

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Is Your Use of Excel Losing Your Business Money?

Is Your Use of Excel Losing Your Business Money?

Anyone who has met me will know that I am a tad enthusiastic about data, and that I absolutely dislike the phrase “I have an Excel database”. Microsoft Excel is not, and never has been, a database! Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft Excel is incredibly easy to use, however it is also incredibly easy to make mistakes, it therefore should not be the main tool that is used to drive all business decisions.

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email friend or foe

email is an essential part of every day life, yet is it friend or foe?

I have got to be honest with you, as someone that is passionate about data, I love a good statistic or fact (or two) to set the scene. Did you know that email was first used in the 1960s! Today, email is an essential part of every day life. According to the The Radicati Group’s “email statistics report, 2015-2019”:

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Damage Control

Damage Limitation through sound Data Protection – What’s that got to do with HR?

Guest blog by Emma Browning, Awarding Winning, Independent HR Expert

Unfortunately, in my career, it goes without saying that I have had to exit some employees from the businesses that I have helped to support. This could be because of redundancy or dismissal or perhaps even a settlement agreement for someone that the business needs to exit promptly but fairly. However, what is often forgotten or neglected is the Data Protection element of the exiting employee.

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Latest News & Events

ICO Data Protection Registration Fee: How Much and Who Needs to Pay?

If you’re a company director or small business owner, you may have been surprised recently by a letter from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), requiring you to pay an annual ‘data protection registration fee’.

You may have wondered if the fee request was genuine. Could it be a scam? Do you have to pay? Does the data protection registration fee signal another needless layer of bureaucracy? And what are the consequences if you ignore the letter?

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