First Year with Databasix

My Data Protection Diary: First Year with Databasix

It is nice to be here writing this new page of 'My Data Protection Diary'. Today I'm really happy to share my session with you, reaching a new milestone for me and celebrating my first year in Databasix with you... wow wow it's already been one year!

The idea for the diary was born during a discussion in a weekly marketing meeting between me, Regina and Neil. My first reaction was: oh my God! Maybe it is too early for me to blog about data protection and instead ... my team's push led me to write several blog pages and have fascinating conversations with Kellie, which expanded my knowledge about the world of data.

It’s only been a few months since my first instalment, and these months have given me great personal and professional growth.

I celebrate my first year in Databasix by dedicating this page of my Diary to My Team, for the support received, the shared energy, and the overwhelming passion for this world. And last, but not least, for giving me the opportunity to attend several online networking sessions, where representing my company was as challenging as it was enjoyable for me.

During these online sessions, I have met a lot of lovely people who have asked me interesting questions about our business. On this new entry to my Diary, I am happy to share some of these questions and my answers with all of you, with some additional detailed information… Do you know why? Because before writing my diary, I had a fun chat with Kellie, our real Data Rockstar.

So, grab your cup of tea and enjoy some data protection nuggets! :)

At the most recent networking session I attended, where I didn’t know anyone, there was a short but interesting session. A room of 1-2-1, where I was asked, after my short pitch, if there is any software that we can recommend, to have greater data protection. Obviously yes, but before sharing which are the most useful platforms to use, it is important to clarify why it is important to have the right software in place.

Kellie pointed out to me that using the right software is important in order not to jeopardize your data, or those of your family and especially those of your customers... who would ever want their email address to be used for scam messages?!

G.P. Kellie, how do I know if the software I am using is safe?

K.P.: Good question, Giulia! Whatever type of software you use to store your data, make sure you read its Privacy Policy to check how the software complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Once you have made sure that the software is safe, remember to log in with a secure password, using at least 10 characters and making sure they are mixed (letters, numbers and symbols).
I know that proper data security passwords are not easy to memorize. So, I take the opportunity to highlight to you three software options to manage your passwords:

  • Dashlane (we love to use it)
  • Keeper
  • Nordpass

Last but not least, make sure you constantly back up your data so that you can retrieve it in case of corruption or loss.

The benefit of using secure software reduces the risk of jeopardizing your customer data and your reputation. Everyone wants to feel protected!

G.P.: Thanks Kellie for your comprehensive answer. The most popular question I have been asked during networking sessions is whether we can write Privacy Policies and what’s the benefit of this Databasix service.

K.P.: I love this question! Let me just say that our Privacy Policy is one of the bestselling services right now. The reason?
We do not sell templates but a tailor-made policy for you and your business. Our approach is to work with you and your customers, understanding what data they process, why they administer this data, how long they keep this information, and where it is stored.

Through detailed analysis, we write the right Privacy Policy for you, in a manner consistent with your obligations and rights under the law.
From the numerous requests we have had recently, we are also offering support to web design agencies and developers, who know that their customers need a good privacy policy, but know they’re not the right people to write it for them. We love data and support our customers to protect them!

G.P.: What a useful answer!
Thank you for sharing this information with me. It’ll be really helpful at my next networking session if I receive similar questions.

I conclude this page of my Diary, happy and grateful to celebrate my first year at Databasix, with a totally different approach to managing my own data!

It is nice to be connected to the world, but it is extraordinary to protect our privacy!

See you soon,
Giulia xxx

The information and remarks provided in this article represent insight and guidance for best practice which is correct or valid or appropriate at time of publication.

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