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Privacy Policy

Organisations need to be clear as to how they manage the rights to privacy of all data subjects with whom they have contact, including clients, staff and suppliers. Often visible on websites or accompanying privacy notices, they provide essential information and help to demonstrate that you can be trusted to support their right to privacy.


Rights to privacy are enshrined in regulation and legislation. In an age when cookies are scraping and selling personal data to unknown destinations around the world, it has never been so important to make it clear as to how you are protecting the rights and freedoms of your data subjects.

What is a Privacy Policy and why do they matter?

You’re most likely to see a privacy policy on a website. Sometimes, they are also presented at the same time as the website presents information about Cookies.

In a nutshell a privacy policy is a legal binding statement that sets out as to the personal information you would like to gather from website visitors, how you intend to use this information, and how you are going to keep it safe.

Like data protection policies it’s important that the information you provide in your privacy policy is an accurate reflection of the way in which your organisation will be processing the private information about the visitor.

Unfortunately, a great many organisations do not accurately reflect their use of personal data correctly on their websites. But, with insight, this is very easy to resolve.

I’m a website developer. Can I use this service to obtain privacy polices for my client’s websites and apps?

Yes, we’d be pleased to help. Do get in touch with us for a chat.

How can Databasix help us?

We’ll write a tailored Privacy Policy for your organisation or website. Critically, the information that it sets out will be specific to the unique operation of your organisation.

No two organisations' needs are the same and so we provide support tailored to their individual requirements. Get in touch for an tailored quote.

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