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Your systems and controls for usage and safeguarding personal data must be fit for purpose and up to date.

But, most organisations have gaps in their data protection or data management controls. The gaps might be small or large and can range from not understanding the depth and breadth of the personal data being processed, to the processes and systems intended to manage personal data being inadequate/not fit for purpose.

A GDPR Audit and Implementation Plan will (confidentially) identify where your organisation stands and what needs to be done.

What is a GDPR Audit?

We review your current processes, procedures and policies, and discuss with you as to how they are practically applied, uniquely, within your organisation.

We do this by examining your written controls and conducting interviews (over the telephone or face-to-face) with your team.

We document compliance gaps or risks and a recommended a course of action.

We are on your side; the Audit is conducted in strict confidence and we report only to you.

What is the Implementation Plan?

At the conclusion of the Audit, we provide you with a written Implementation Plan, which sets out the action required to resolve the gaps or to enhance the management of the risks.

You can then choose to progress the courses of action internally or with support from us.

How often should a GDPR Audit be conducted?

Even under ‘normal’ business conditions, the way that an organisation processes personal data and the types of personal data involved will vary from time to time.

Your organisation must remain ever-vigilant for changes and keep up to pace. Part of that management process will be conducting reviews.

Whether a full GDPR Audit or interim monitoring, a regular review of your organisation’s compliance position helps reduce the likelihood of unnoticed risk building up over time, and ensures you comply with the Accountability principle of data protection regulation.

How much does a GDPR Audit cost?

The cost is based upon the complexity of your organisation and the personal data it processes.

For example, an organisation with 1000 staff, working in 5 independently managed departments across 7 sites, will likely have more complex data protection concerns than an organisation of 20 staff, who all work on the same activity, from 1 location.

A GDPR Audit starts from £2,750 + VAT.

We review each individual organisation’s make-up and requirements to enable us to provide an appropriate costing.

Where do I start if I think I might want a GDPR Audit for my organisation?

Our contact details are at the bottom and top of this page. We respond swiftly, we’re friendly and we’re always pleased to help!

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