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    We identify appropriate technical solutions that meet your data collection needs.
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We work with organisations to make their data work better for them, particularly if there is an over-reliance on Excel Spreadsheets or multiple systems which don’t link easily. We assess your data needs and work with you to make better use of existing systems to improve data quality; we can also, if necessary, work with you to identify appropriate technical solutions that meet your data collection needs. We can

  • Facilitate workshops to understand data needs
  • Identify key messages
  • Map Data
  • Conduct Stakeholder analysis, identifying priority needs across stakeholder groups

We highlight areas of good practice and make recommendations for improvement, then work with you to implement these according to your priorities.  As we’re ‘system agnostic’, we won’t be swayed by bells and whistles, but rather ensure you have a system that meets your organisational needs and will be adopted by your staff. And of course, this will be underpinned by our data protection expertise.

Case Study: Harwell Campus

We’ve worked with Harwell Campus to move them away from multiple spreadsheets and create a simple tool that supports the management of the tenants on the campus and ensures a high level of data quality through our ongoing support. Fiona Smart, Marketing and Communications Manager, explains how it has helped the team at Harwell:

Case Study - Harwell

"This tool has been invaluable in terms of centralising our data resource relating to organisations and individuals located at Harwell Campus. It enables us to keep track of who is here and how they would like to communicate with us as an occupier, enabling us to share key information, events and news with them on an ‘opt in’ basis. This in turn ensures we are ‘GDPR compliant’ and that the data is collected, managed, stored and used in a responsible way + organisations have the opportunity to be listed on the Harwell website, helping to give them even greater visibility in the market place. We use the tool on a daily basis and have found it to be easy to use and to access the data we need, segmented to our key audiences.

The additional support packages have also boosted our own resource in terms of managing and cleansing the data, as well as enhancing and streamlining the process around organisation data management, encompassing GDPR expertise and advice to help guide us through the minefield of new regulations around data."

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