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Kellie Peters and Regina Johnys are the founding Directors of Databasix. Kellie tempted Regina into the world of NHS data management in 2004. Since then, they have worked together to demonstrate how amazing data can be to those who are not quite sure, a little bit scared or downright terrified of the data they collect.

Together, they developed a people-focused approach to data management, which aimed to improve data quality and encourage ownership at a local level. This approach improved the relevance and robustness of data, and so people at all levels trusted the outputs to make decisions and monitor performance accurately.

They have worked together across a variety of data projects during their NHS careers, including designing and implementing the Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Dataset for England. Since stepping outside of the Public Sector in January 2015 to set up Databasix, they have enjoyed the variety of projects which draw on their skill set across different sectors; a selection have linked closely to their healthcare and information governance expertise, whilst other projects have focused on their expertise in engaging people in collecting high quality data to the benefit of their business and decision-making.

Kellie Peters

Kellie Peters

Chief Executive Officer & Data Rockstar

Top 3 Things about Kellie:

Kellie is genuinely excited by data. When you meet her, you’ll see her enthusiasm, and it’s infectious.

She’s a little accident-prone. Beware of water or coffee cups in her hands when wearing white!

She’s completed Blenheim Triathlon three times.

Regina Johnys

Regina Johnys

Director & People Person

Top 3 Things about Regina:

Regina studied languages at University and uses those translation skills to make data requirements relevant to people’s everyday roles, making it a little more understandable for everyone.

She’s a Spurs fan – don’t hold it against her! Her friendship with Kellie is based on a mutual dislike of the other North London club.

She runs, a lot! Mainly so she can enjoy chocolate biscuits at the morning coffee break.

Neil Partridge

Neil Partridge

Director & Business Botanist

Neil joined the Databasix team in 2020, bringing with him a broad base of insight from a host of commercial situations which naturally placed him to support growth in the Databasix business.

He is also the Operations Director at PDA Legal and a director at PDA Marketing, with a personal portfolio that encompasses regulatory compliance, auditing and project management (including work for ‘household names’). From this first-hand experience, he understands the operational processes and controls that affect data protection matters; the risks and the opportunities.

But, Neil was no stranger to the Databasix team! Kellie and Regina had been providing data protection consultancy services to PDA since 2017, and following conversations over many a cup of coffee (and the occasional glass of wine) the Databasix team invited Neil to come on board. As Neil remarked, “I’ve worked with some very large and very exciting businesses, and I know what ‘dynamic’ looks like. So, it wasn’t a tough decision for me, at all; who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be part of the Databasix team?

Top 3 Things about Neil:

Neil is a Founding Freeman of the City of London Company of Entrepreneurs.

He enjoys art, foreign cinema, fine cuisine and literature. But he’ll be the first to admit that he’s not a Culture Vulture and that he “definitely” can’t cook. But, he is an aspiring author!

He once delivered a Best Man’s speech (“badly”) in French, in Quebec. “Afterwards, I was asked by my (ever so gracious) audience as to what I did for a living. I had no idea how to translate the details of my occupation into French so I just told them that organisations employ me to keep them from falling into gaps. To this day, that’s the most accurate explanation I’ve been able to come up with!”

Behind the Scenes of Databasix

Behind the Scenes of Databasix

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