GDPR and Breaches

GDPR is Coming – Be Prepared

Workshop: 10:00-1330 at Harwell Campus

With less than a year to go until the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses must take action now. Recent reports indicate that too many business owners and executives are unaware of GDPR. Kellie and Regina will take a practical approach to putting you on the path to GDPR compliance. We will work through three key themes:

People - identifying who needs to be involved across your organisation;

Data - understanding the personal data you hold and associated risks;

Process - how policies and procedures can be effectively implemented to support the requirements of the GDPR.

It will be a fun and interactive session which will help you develop an outline action plan to take forward in your organisation immediately.

The free of charge Connect Harwell Workshops provide quality, value-added business advice in an interactive setting. Delegates have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in key business areas such as accounting, law, marketing, networking, negotiating, access to finance, data protection and other highly relevant business topics. There is also the opportunity for guests to business network at the event.

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