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Data Protection Policy

Ooh, suits you, sir! Suits you, madam!

But rarely if you’ve settled on a template for your data protection policy…

Off the peg or made to measure?

Short-term make-do or long-term investment?

Simple and generic or detailed and specific?

Most of us love a bargain, especially when it’s just what we were after. But how often does that happen?

What happens when it’s not quite right and turns out to be too good to be true; when it’s a compromise that ends up being costly?

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A breach of data protection

Here is the news. Yep, there’ve been more data breaches…

But we can still learn from them.

Sometimes, no news is good news.

Unfortunately, though, no news doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing’s happened – it can also be a result of someone sitting on what’s happened and staying shtum until, eventually, the truth outs.

Like data breaches, for instance. And, sometimes, surfacing weeks or months later when someone decides that it might perhaps be a good idea to inform those affected and issue a mea culpa.

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Groucho Marx

Forget sticks and stones. A name can hurt you

Especially if it should have been deleted…

To coin a famous phrase: “I never forget a face but, in your case, I’ll make an exception.”

Whoever would have thought that, in a culture of ever-pervasive social media and self-promotion, some people wouldn’t mind this – and actually want to be forgotten?

Especially when it comes to GDPR and the right to have your personal data deleted.

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Always a winner

With the right support, you’ll always feel like a winner!

Especially when it comes in a nice package…

Have you noticed the buzz that’s around at the moment?

No, not the last-minute frenzy of people embracing GDPR, but the four-yearly furore that is the FIFA World Cup.

Now those clients who know us well will also know that we have two huge passions here at DBX HQ: data (of course) and… football.

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It’s Question Time!

It’s Question Time!

It finally happened! GDPR Day has come and gone.

And life seems… no different – apart from all the questions it appears to have thrown up.

We don’t know about you but, when we were at school, our teachers continually reassured us that there was no such thing as a stupid question. And because they often used to tell us that, we like to think that they were always just being extremely kind and supportive.

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The information and remarks provided in this article represent insight and guidance for best practice which is correct or valid or appropriate at time of publication.

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