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If you are someone who owns any kind of business, from a sole trader to a larger organisation with a team of staff, you probably are aware of the need to comply with the Data Protection Act. Doing what is required to achieve compliance, however, can be a daunting prospect.

Summertown Scene talked to Regina Lally and Kellie Peters of Databasix, who help both small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and larger organisations protect the data which is essential for their daily operation.

How do you go about helping people with compliance?

Regina: We initially review any policies you already have in place. If you have none, we can write these for you and tailor them to your specific business area. We then ensure you know where all your data is located, so that you are aware exactly what data you have, where and how it is stored and for how long it should be kept. We can usually adapt your existing systems, so you need not invest in new technology, keeping costs to a minimum. We work closely with employers and staff alike so that everyone is fully engaged with process and not only understands the compliance protocols, but feels competent and confident in conforming to them. Our work involves people as much as procedures.

Read the full article on the Sumertown Scene website by clicking here.

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